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Our REST Programs combine science, data & empathy yielding healthier lives & sleep habits


REST Programs For Pediatrics

Whether you have a newborn, infant, young toddler, preschooler, or school-aged child; REST Pediatric Sleep Programs are customized based on your child's own set of unique developmental considerations and our REST Coaches restore sleep to your entire family.

REST Programs For Parents

Your child may be sleeping but you are having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or not feeling you had enough sleep. Our REST Parent Programs are designed with your psychological and physiological factors considered. Our REST Coaches help parents raise the quality of their sleep

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Your sleep issues are unique.
REST Adult & Pediatric Plans are customized by our sleep coaches.


Pediatric REST Coach


Pediatric REST Coach


Pediatric REST Coach

Science-Driven REST Plans To Solve Your Sleep Issues

You have tried everything to help your sleep issues. The REST Adult Plans use proven science, success data and coaching to break bad habits, treat underlying symptoms and form new sleep patterns.

Better sleep needs a plan backed by science, data and coached with empathy.

The REST Plan for our 3-year old’s sleep is the best decision we’ve made. Our REST Coach Arielle was thorough, attentive and responsive during our plan!
Alyssa, Mother

REST Coach Arielle