We Are Restfully

A family wellness company defining standard of care in pediatric sleep

Restfully uses science, data and empathic coaching to demystify pediatric sleep issues.

How Does Restfully Work?

Proven Science

We utilize scientifically-backed pediatric sleep principles combined with evidence-based approaches to develop a standard of care regimen in all our products

Sleep Data

We’re blazing a trail to demystifying pediatric sleep issues by using data to pinpoint, re-enforce and reproduce successful outcomes for every client by personalizing tools to the sleep needs of every child.

Empathic Coaching

Restfully customers are matched with one of our highly trained coaches, certified to help guide them along their health journeys and provide the support needed to achieve their goals.

Our mission is to support family wellness around the world through healthy, independent sleep.

Restfully has a simple but important mission: help as many families as possible lead healthier lives by establishing a standard of care in sleep. We empower parents with  knowledge and tools of behavioral science to shape long-lasting, positive sleep habits.

Restfully users around the world are taking control of their children's sleep.

Laura, Restfully User Child: Violet, 13 months

We are so happy with the progress & can’t believe we’re all getting some sleep! Thank you so much for answering all of our questions, for all the information & all your help.

Athena - Restfully User Child: Leland, 9 Months

Having the support & guidance, telling us what to expect & how to adjust things appropriately was invaluable! We are so grateful & everyone is thriving now that we’re all getting much better sleep.

Alina, Restfully User Child: Muhammad, 2 years

It feels awesome to sleep! Now that she is sleeping well, I feel that I got life back in me that was not there two weeks ago.

“There was limited evidence-based knowledge on pediatric sleep. How could this be? Most parents were all over the map with no support outside of the pediatrician's office. Restfully changes this. Sleep support as a continuity of care for children”


Our Pandemic Story

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A single mom, a dad with "one on the way" and a bachelor with no kids started Restfully . . .

In April 2020, Vince Loughlin, Arielle Greenleaf and Jude Santry all met each other online (it was the pandemic of course!) because healthcare was missing something important about childcare, their sleep.

Research shows that up to 50% of children experience sleep issues, but they saw that not enough was being done to address this problem.

So what did 3 people who never met in person do? These founders started Restfully to tackle the problem directly. They built a digital sleep support platform that helps parents take control of their children's sleep health. They enlisted the leading medical authorities in sleep to help the team in observing, researching, and listening to parents from all over the world. They learned that achieving independent sleep for children required personalized guidance and behavioral analysis to transform sleep outcomes for both the child and parent.

Now thousands of customers are being provided Restfully's digital sleep platform helping more families around the world live healthier lives.

Our Corporate Profile.
95% Woman.
75% Are Parents.
100% Are Shareholders

Restfully understands that their employees are an integral part of the company's success. We also know that having a workforce that mirrors the profile of our customers achieves successful sleep outcomes we purse each day. 

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