Employees need sleep or it costs you. Help them in a meaningful way.

  • Corporate Sleep Coach Programs
  • One to One Employee Sleep Regiments
  • Maternity Leave Baby Programs
  • Long Term Productivity, Health Outcomes

Bring The REST Program To Work

Restfully Sleep Wellness Programs lower HR costs

There are numerous positive outcomes that employees experience with our Sleep Wellness Programs – productivity improves, accidents less likely to occur, parents returning to work less stressed, employee satisfaction rates increase – all of which create a better working environment.

Restfully Sleep Wellness Programs

Employees benefit from an optimal sleep regiment that is customized to their unique work/life balance. Restfully Sleep Wellness programs for businesses large and small focus on increasing optimal sleep through data-driven coaching to increase employee productivity.

Increase Productivity

Correlation between trouble sleeping and lower productivity at work is alarming. Restfully Sleep Wellness Programs benchmark optimal sleep routines for employees while helping increase their productivity & general work attitude. Giving the bottom-line a boost too!

Enhance Family Programs

Corporations catering to employees with families can have impactful sleep programs geared to new parent, maternity/paternity leave and staff returning to the office from a virtual working experience. All Restfully Sleep Wellness Programs have resounding employee satisfaction scores. 

Leading employers embrace Restfully’s Sleep Wellness Solutions for their working families

This program saved my sanity.

The support from my REST coach was invaluable. I can now schedule my work day because I know my son will take long naps and bedtime is predictable! My work/parent balancing is much improved.

EY Employee

Without this benefit I would have lost my job.

Last night he went down for bed an hour earlier, didn’t wake in the night, and slept all the way through to 6:30 a.m. I am finally productive again!

athenahealth Employee

For Business


Come join the many employers, health plans and providers that offer the benefit of Restfully Sleep Wellness Programs.​

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