Be part of “THE” movement in sleep.

As an Independent REST Coach, you’ll be part of a supportive network, enjoy a flexible schedule and become a leader in your community. You will join a growing movement in healthy, data-driven pediatric sleep & don’t need prior experience — we provide the tools and the support.

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Change families lives and create a healthy, restfully world!

Becoming an Independent Consultant is an easy way to start your own business, join a community of inspiring people and share products that can change lives.

Become An Independent REST Coach

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, Zzzzz…..

Get Certified

We give you the opportunity to learn both the science of sleep and the art of coaching through our REST Academy Program. The program tuition goes towards Restfully App registration, online learning courses and peer mentorship so you are prepared to support customers from Day 1.   

Join A Cloud Team

We have built an incredible work-from-home (WFH) Independent REST Coach community. You’ll meet amazing like-minded people working to help solve pediatric sleep issues. Use your digital tools to directly support customers on a flexible schedule and collaborate with your REST Cloud teammates—all while being paid commissions for the support you give. 

Become A Leader

We help you unlock the leader within yourself. Starting from being a pillar of sleep support in your local community, we help you discover the skill of helping families at an important point in their health and wellness. Plus,  we  potential to become the person you were meant to be.

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Rest Coaches are not just “Independent” they also have huge support!

Restfully has some of the most empathetic, genuine and caring people around ( did we mention fun too?!).  And even though you’ll be working virtually anywhere with anyone who needs pediatric sleep support, you certainly won’t be alone. You’ll get support from your Cloud Team on weekly meetings, virtual social time and benefit from guest speakers in virtual townhalls.


We want all our independent REST Coaches to be successful while working virtually anywhere!

We offer programs and incentives — like trips and rewards — that will motivate you to do your very best. Celebrating your achievements is part of the journey

Virtual Work + Earn Commissions

As an Independent REST Coach, you are eligible to earn Coaching Commissions. You simply need to acquire a minimum of 100 Sales Volume (SV) for your Consultant Account each Commission Period.

– Passionate and supportive team culture
– Team prizes And bonuses
– Team bonuses
– Referral bonuses and prizes

Corporate Growth Track

Restfully is committed to promoting from within our Independent REST Coach community. Our very first internal REST Coaches were independents with amazing recommendations from their cases. As our coaching team continues to expand, new opportunities for transition from Independent to internal REST Coaches happens frequently.

Leadership roles also come from the ranks of Independents, several members of our leadership team started out Independent REST Coaches!



Sleep Support
On A Global Scale!

Independent REST Coaches are joining from all over the world! International REST Coaches in the U.S., Canada and even Germany are providing pediatric sleep support  issues on a global scale! We And we are actively expanding to the U.K, Australia and South Africa. Be part of diverse, fun multinational sleep community at Restfully.

Want to join “THE” movement in sleep?


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