Child Sleep Over The Holidays

You can enjoy your holidays and help your child sleep well!

It’s officially the holiday season and that can mean some added stress and anxiety around child sleep. Below you can find some tips and tricks to help your child sleep over the holidays.

Try to relax and remember that the holidays will pass and your child WILL get back on track within a day or two. And remember that this phase of life WILL pass with time!

It can be helpful if you’re able to host. Hosting allows your child to be in their own space and sleep in their own room.

If you’re traveling for the holidays, we recommend creating an environment much like home. That would include:

• A travel white noise machine like the YogaSleep Hushh
• Travel blackout shades
• A crib, bassinet, or pack n play
• If possible, their own room. If this is not possible, attempt to keep your child from being able to see you in the room with them.

Prioritize getting your child down for naps and bedtime before they become overtired.

REMEMBER Overtired children have difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep, and may be more prone to tantrums and grumpy moods… it’s worth it to prioritize their sleep!

Remember – you can and will get your child’s sleep back on track when you get home. Schedule a free call with one of our sleep experts or skip the call and get started today by clicking here!

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