Safe Sleep Updates

On November 12, 2022, the Safe Sleep for Babies Act passed earlier this year went into effect. Additionally, on November 9, 2022, the Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered the immediate discontinuation of the DockATot Deluxe+.

The Safe Sleep for Babies Act prohibits the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of crib bumpers and inclined baby sleep products. The Act defines inclined baby sleep products as any product with an incline greater than 10 degrees intended, marketed, or designed for infant sleep.

The CPSC shares the following about “crib bumpers”:

  1. Means any material that is intended to cover the sides of a crib to prevent injury to any crib occupant from impacts against the side of a crib or to prevent partial or complete access to any openings in the sides of a crib to prevent a crib occupant from getting any part of the body entrapped in any opening;
  2. Includes a padded crib bumper, a supported and unsupported vinyl bumper guard, and vertical crib slat covers; and
  3. Does not include a non-padded mesh crib liner.

In May 2022, American Academy of Pediatrics President Moira Szilagyi, MD, PhD, FAAP stated, “The message from pediatricians has long been clear: the safest sleep environment for babies is a firm, flat, bare surface. Despite what the science shows, crib bumpers and inclined sleepers have remained on the market and store shelves, misleading parents into thinking they are safe and leading to dozens of preventable infant deaths. No family should ever experience this tragedy. When this bill becomes law, parents will have the long overdue peace of mind that these dangerous products can no longer find their way into their homes.”

CPSC Issues Violation to DockATot

Additionally, on November 9, 2022, the CPSC issued a safe sleep violation to DockATot. They found that the DockATot Deluxe+ violates the Infant Sleep Products Rule effective June 23, 2022. It is unlawful to distribute, import, distribute, or sell this product in the United States effective immediately.

At Restfully, we know that there are many products that claim to help babies sleep. However, your baby’s safety is far more important. We’re here to help your baby sleep safely and restfully. Schedule a free call with one of our sleep experts today to learn more!

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