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Your Investment
REST Academy's Promise

REST Academy will not only set you up for a successful career as a Sleep Coach, it will provide the mentorship and growth journey as an individual.

There may be other sleep certification programs, but none offer the education, guidance and return on your investment like Rest Academy.

We promise if you put in the time - you can gain a path to financial flexibility and help people in your community sleep Restfully!


Frequently Asked Questions

(We Get These Before Prospective Coaches Enroll)

What does REST Academy Pediatric Certification cost?
REST Academy Pediatric Sleep Certification costs:
  • $2,999 for a full, upfront payment (10% discount)
  • $3,299 for our installment payment plan
    – 2 or 3 month installments
Does REST Academy offer a return on my investment?
REST Academy is unlike any sleep certification program on the market today. During your coursework we provide not only the education, skills and mentorship to coach real sleep conscious clients; We also provide you clients and compensation directly from Restfully. Your investment in REST Academy can be paid back in as little as 60 days.
What if I already have a sleep certification?
Restfully provides something unique for candidates who already have a sleep certification. REST Academy’s pediatric sleep track gives direct access to successful pediatric REST Coaches. Learning and mentorship on how to coach client’s with sleep issues plus a company that provides opportunities to be compensated right after graduation, this is how certifications should be!
What are the requirements?
All REST Academy requirements are based upon your ability to become a REST Coach after graduation:
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Associates Degree or higher
  • Complete all REST Academy Certification modules within 12 months.
  • Pass all module lesson plans, quizzes and case studies.
  • Complete all Coaching Module Case Studies and achieve a minimum grade of 90%.
  • Participate in proctored REST Coach client case.
  • Mentorship on-boarding requirements must be fulfilled to satisfactory grade standard
How do I join a REST Cloud?
You need to enroll in REST Academy and pass all requirements in order to join a REST Cloud.
Can I contact someone to learn more?
You can contact our admissions office by email (admissions@restfullysleep.com) to have a counselor answer any questions regarding signing up for REST Academy.