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There is a science to sleep and our REST Coach Certification was created by specialists in the sleep field working and teaching sleep science for years at renowned universities. Fit your work schedule around your REST Academy coursework. Plus, virtually interact with your instructors to get the most out of your sleep coaching education.

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Learn to start building REST Sleep Plans directly from REST Coaches while pursing your sleep certification. Get personalized guidance on implementing practical coaching applications to help clients conquer sleep issues. One-on-one mentorship from REST Coaches elevates your coaching skills to help people of all ages conquer their sleep issues using Science, Data and Empathy.​

30 Years Of Education Development

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REST Academy was created by world-class sleep coaches and collegiate medical professors that synchronized the science of sleep with the art of sleep coaching. No other sleep certification program offers its students the full range of sleep professional experience inside their coursework. These experts are also available to assist you after graduation from REST Academy.

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Premier Sleep Education at REST Academy

" Our comprehensive certification program is designed to prepare you for a rewarding career as a sleep coach.  Built with university level learning and hands-on coach experience, our REST Coaches will be well trained to deliver and coach successful sleep outcomes. "

Micheal Ujhelyi

Chief Scientific & Learning Officer

Former Dean - University of Florida

REST Academy provides an exciting opportunity in sleep

Our Rest Academy students are diverse! Some are side-hustlers looking for a new gig, others are working mothers and fathers who want to pay-it-forward. We also have career seekers who are just plain interested in the science and proven benefit of sleep coaching.  

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We want you to excel with your new REST Academy certification. Come join a REST Cloud team after graduation and start taking clients immediately. Learn directly from our growing community of REST Coaches who are just as passionate about solving sleep issues. Plus, get paid right after receiving your certification!


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