Evidence-Based Sleep Support By Pediatric Sleep Experts

Break bad sleep habits with a dedicated sleep coach, and learn how Restfully can get your child sleeping in as little as 7 days.

Parents need sleep guidance they can trust, quality of care, and a consistent regimen to get their family healthy.

Dr. Craig Canapari
Dir. of Pediatric Sleep Medicine,
Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital
Restfully Medical Advisor

Sleep Science

Proven Sleep Science

Pediatric sleep science with data-driven recommendations combined with an evidence based approach to solve sleep issues for every unique child and family situation

Sleep Coaching

Empathic Sleep Coaching

Parents are matched with a highly trained Restfully sleep expert (coach) to guide them dialy so they can achieve family sleep goals and healthy, independent sleep

Empower Parents

Sleep Support for Confident Parents

Solve sleep issues with confidence and grow in your parenting journey with the support you need and the sleep your family deserves

On-Demand Sleep Support
That Fits Your Needs

Start getting sleep support now!

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Restfully’s Pediatric Sleep Support (PSS) Program is a safe, trusted program to create an independent sleeper.

Restfully does not adhere to a particular sleep method. Restfully teaches parents to utilize positive sleep habits in order to form confidence in the parent and trust in the child. Restfully recommends science and data based methods, scheduling and practices that can adjust based upon successful results. The objective is always to maximize the total sleep of a child. We provide continued support and education to solve acute sleep disturbances and disturbances that may come as your child grows.

The costs are dependent on the level of care and range from $249 to $500

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