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Frequently Asked Questions

I placed my order. What happens next?

You should receive automatics e-mail(s) with your REST Plan answer content and payment confirmation for your REST Services. Didn’t get the e-mails? Contact support here help@restfullysleep.com

When do I start my Pediatric REST Plan?

Your REST Coach will contact you directly by e-mail within 24 hours to introduce themselves and help kick off your Pediatric REST Plan. They will coordinate the best time to go over your plan and get started helping your child sleep more Restfully.

How do I communicate with my REST Coach?

During the course of your plan you will be able to meet with your REST Coach virtually as well as e-mail them 24/7 with any questions about the REST Plan for your child. Your REST Coach is here to guide you and accomplish your sleep goals!

Have any questions? Contact us at help@restfullysleep.com

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